A New Roadmap for Paving the County

March 10, 2017

Interviews with Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns on what's going on in Anderson you may not be aware of right now and with new Solicitor David Wagner.


Christmas Tree Saves County Money, Chad McBride has a plan

December 12, 2016

How the county Christmas tree is saving money and an interview with Sheriff-Elect Chad McBride.

Shop local, give local this season.


Repost from 2015: Gratitude and why it matters. Your Friend and Neighbors give thanks. This one is good.

November 25, 2016

The Anderson Observer Podcast, news from people you trust, ushers in Thanksgiving with words of gratitude from:

Phyllis White who helps keep Anderson County running well.
The Rev. Kurt Stutler of South Main Chaple & Mercy Center
Kelly Jo Barnwell of the Jo Brown Senior Center
Laurie Ashley of Meals on Wheels
Pam Christopher, President and CEO of the Anderson Chamber of Commerce
Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts
Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns
Kristi King-Brock, founder and director of AIM
Tracy Bowie, Head of Foothills Alliance
Kathryn Smith, author and founder of Cancer Association of Anderson
Anderson County Director of Communications Angie Stringer
And Craig Johnson, who has a great and accurate title you'll have to listen to hear.

Fighting Fires with Community Help, Christmas is Coming and Green Pond Bringing in the green for Anderson County

November 19, 2016


Easley Fire Dept. Captain Matthew Littleton talks about the fire and efforts to support the firefighters.

Anderson County Adminsitrator Rusty Burns talks about Green Pond, Econonmic development and the new council members.

Plus: ice skating, a new Anderson Hall of Fame member and more


Reasons to vote, Amazon comes to town (before holidays), an interview with Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts and more…

November 7, 2016

Get out and vote Tuesday.

This week's Anderson Observer Podcast, news from people you trust, looks at what's going on in Anderson, reasons to vote, Amazon's new footprint in Anderson, an update on the Rhody Farms Road case, holiday previews and an interview with Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts.

Gas, hot air, hospitality and registering to Vote

September 18, 2016
Interviews with:
 Tracy Bowie, Foothills Alliance, 
 Kristi-King Brock and Amy Hoyes, AIM
 Laura Griffin, Anderson County Voter Registration.


Back to School, Hospitality and Christmas planning.

August 22, 2016

Interviews with all five Anderson County School Superintendents.

Here are the starting times for each, in case you want to skip ahead.
Dist. 1 David Havird,   21:35
Dist. 2 Richard Rosenberger   36:06
Dist. 3 Kathy Hipps  48:46
Dist. 4 Joanne Avery  58:01
Dist. 5 Tom Wilson 1:20:16

Heat, Heroes, Monsters, “Misunderstandings” and Anderson History

July 31, 2016

This week we talk heat, the Electric City  Comicon, a new book on Anderson County history, and former County Councilman Eddie Moore's descent into darkness.

Brianna McDonnell, Anderson County Library
Brian Scott, Anderson County Historian
Sara Wilson, Pokemon expert

Next Week: Back to school with all five superintendents.

Vote, AIM, County Budget and Pro Wrestling

June 27, 2016


Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns

AIM Director and CEO Kristi-King Brock

For Pro Champion Wrestler Tommy Seigler, now security director of historic courthouse

Homegrown Tomatoes, Politics and Being Prepared

June 12, 2016

Interviews with 10th Circuit Solicitor Candidates:

Wilson Burr

David Wagner

Plus an Anderson Farmers Market Update and how to prepare for active assailants.