Repost from 2015: Gratitude and why it matters. Your Friend and Neighbors give thanks. This one is good.

November 25, 2016

The Anderson Observer Podcast, news from people you trust, ushers in Thanksgiving with words of gratitude from:

Phyllis White who helps keep Anderson County running well.
The Rev. Kurt Stutler of South Main Chaple & Mercy Center
Kelly Jo Barnwell of the Jo Brown Senior Center
Laurie Ashley of Meals on Wheels
Pam Christopher, President and CEO of the Anderson Chamber of Commerce
Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts
Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns
Kristi King-Brock, founder and director of AIM
Tracy Bowie, Head of Foothills Alliance
Kathryn Smith, author and founder of Cancer Association of Anderson
Anderson County Director of Communications Angie Stringer
And Craig Johnson, who has a great and accurate title you'll have to listen to hear.

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